Jul 16

Justin Moore is Productive!


Congratulations to Justin Moore and wife, Kate on the birth of their third baby!  Not only their third kid… their third daughter!  Baby Rebecca joins 4 year old Ella and 2 1/2 year old Kennedy.  3 kids under 5 at home?  No wonder Justin is on the road so much!

Jul 14

Wolfie Ping Pong 7/14

Here are the 10 ice cream flavors that make people the happiest…




rocky road


cookie dough

mint chocolate chip

chocolate chip


rainbow sherbet

Jul 14

Garth Goes Digital

Just about every artist has their music available on at least one of the digital music platforms… but someone’s missing.  For years people have been trying to get Garth Brooks to release his massive catalog for digital download purchase, but, for some reason, Garth has resisted.  Well, look who has caved in!  As part of his big return to the spotlight, the Garth Brooks catalog of music will now be available for digital download, but don’t go looking on iTunes.  Garth’s music will be exclusively available on Garth’s website.   Click the iconic ‘g’ for the scoop.

Jul 10

Luke Tickets!


Jul 10

When They Were Young

Country stars have traveled a long road to the point where we became familiar with them.  Here’s a look at their awkward and nerdy phase!

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Jul 10

Miranda Ain’t Doing it!

Photo:  Getty Images

High profile duets have long been a big thing in country music.  The latest one is the joining of Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood for the song, ‘Somethin Bad’.  These duets have created a bit of a question when the acts go on tour.  Does the artist sing with a pre-recorded version of their partner?  Do they bring down a back up singer to take the part?  Miranda Lambert has made a decision for her tour that starts today… she’s not doing the song unless Carrie is there to sing it with her!  This will leave fans looking forward to the song, a bit disappointed, but  Miranda say’s she will stick to the plan.

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Jul 9


OK, the city of Dublin, Ireland has really screwed themselves on this one!  Garth Brooks selected Dublin as the host city for his epic, 5 night comeback blowout.  Problem is, the neighborhood where the stadium is located, protested and blocked 2 of the 5 shows because of noise concerns.  Well, Garth didn’t think it was worth it to travel over for just the 3 shows and pulled the plug on the whole thing!  Over 400,000 tickets had been sold for the shows!  I’ll never get how people that live next to a huge stadium (or airport) are so surprised when there may be traffic and noise connected to those instillations.

Jul 9

Kip Gets a Sign

You see those signs when you travel through small towns, “Welcome to ________, Home of ___________”.  Always wondered what you needed to accomplish to get one of those signs.  Whatever it is, Kip Moore has done it!  Kip’s home town of Tifton, GA has erected these signs on the main roads into town.

Jul 8

Luke Bryan… Thespian!

If you don’t click “play” on this, I don’t know what’s wrong with you!  How could you not want to watch 17 year old Luke Bryan performing in his high school production of ‘ Annie Get Your Gun’.  I’m guessing you’ll be able to pick out Mr Bryan.

Jul 7

Jerrod-Pitbull video

The video for Jerrod Niemann’s remix of ‘Drink to That All Night’ featuring Pitbull has dropped.  Here it is, if you dare!