Apr 15

Luke Not Sexy!

So who is the sexiest guy in country music?  Luke Bryan may be a good bet to win a poll like this, but according to the readers of Taste of Country, country music’s sexiest guy is… Scotty McCreery!  Really?

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Apr 15

The Most “Country” Cities in the US

Thanks to Estately for running the numbers and coming up with the most “Country” cities in America.  How did they do this?  They ranked the top 50 cities based on the percentage of Facebook users listing these ten topics as interests:  country music, fishing, hunting, NASCAR, firearms, barbecue, cowboy boots, pickup trucks, rodeos, and sweet tea.  Sacramento cam in on the lower part of the list, but The WOLF is moving it up slowly but surely!

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Apr 15

Taylor Crashes Fan’s Bridal Shower

It was Gena Gabrielle wedding shower in Columbus, Ohio and the most unexpected guest strolled in… Taylor Swift!  So are Taylor and Gena old friends from way back?  Not really.  Gena met Taylor in one of those backstage meet & greet events about 7 years ago.  Somehow this led to Taylor planning (with the bride’s mom’s help) a surprise drop-in on the party.  “I will never forget she did this for me,” says Gabrielle. “She truly is an incredible, special person.”

I have a feeling Gena has a few more Insta followers since she started blasting out the pix!

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Apr 14

How Thomas Rhett Lost 30 Pounds

Courtesy of Valory Music Co.

Who knew… Thomas Rhett used to be a little chunky!  Thomas lost 30 pounds, but it took touring with Jake Owen to do it.  Jake turned Thomas on to his crazy intense workout regimen and it did wonders.

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Apr 14

Kip Moore Delay

 Judy Eddy / WENN

I have thought that Kim Moore was set to launch himself to the next level of stardom with the release of his new album this year, but we’re going to have to wait a bit longer for that to happen.  Kip’s second album was due out next month, but he’s been writing new music… stuff he loves so much, he want’s it included on the album.  The record company has agreed to hold of on the release until Kip has a chance to record these new gems.  Expect the record out this summer.

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Apr 11

Miranda Leaks Info on Platinum

Miranda Lambert’s next album, Platinum rolls out June 3rd and includes collaborations with Little Big Town and Carrie Underwood.   BTW, Miranda is now on Instagram!  She has pulled in over 200,000 followers in about a week!

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Apr 10

Dan Busts a Wrist

Dan Smyers, from Dan + Shay, has broken his wrist in a car accident.  I’m sure it hurts a bit, but having the #1 country album, I’m sure, takes some of the sting off.

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Apr 9

Is There a Miranda/Taylor Rift?

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

This past weekend at the ACMs, as Miranda Lambert was accepting the award for Best Female Vocalist, she recognized the hard work and dedication of all the other nominees she had just beaten… all, except one… Taylor Swift!  Did this create a problem between the two queens of country?  Miranda apologized during a post-awards press conference and said she’s already smoothed things over with Taylor.

“I always try to acknowledge everybody in any category that I ever win” said the country starlet. “I know we all work our ass off … we all give 110 percent all year long, especially Taylor. She’s kind of like her own animal, she’s ridiculous.”

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Apr 8



Here’s the list of things you’re most likely to loan to your neighbors:

1.  Food, which mostly means leftovers.  78% of people say they have or WOULD share them with neighbors.

2.  Tools, 71%.

3.  Yard equipment, 64%.

4.  A bike, 36%.

5.  Clothes, 26%.

6.  Shelter.  Like, if their place had to be fumigated or something. 26%.

7.  Electronics, 24%.

8.  Kids’ toys, 24%.

9.  Your babysitter, 24%.

10.  A car if they needed it, 15%.


Apr 8

Rascal Flatts Caught Syncing!

Bret Hartman/CBS

While the hosts were goofing on Brittney Spears for lip syncing, I wonder if the boys from Rascal Flatts were squirming in their seats a bit.  The lead up to the ACM show involves a LOT of interviews for the artists.  All the talking apparently caught up with Flatts singer Gary LeVox.  By the time it came to sing ‘Rewind’ on the telecast, Gary’s voice was shot, so the band decided to go the lip sync route with the song.  The band came clean and admitted to it in order to avoid any “gotcha” moment in the future.

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